NZ Marine Turbochargers Ltd (NZMT)

Industrial and Marine Turbocharger Service and Repairs

NZ Marine Turbochargers Ltd is the Authorised Service Partner for New Zealand and the Pacific for MET/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NAPIER Turbochargers, KBB and P-Max.

Our 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service minimises the amount of lost time for you when problems arise or turbo servicing needs to be carried out.

We recognise the importance of planned maintenance and provide service reports that identify wear and age-related issues with your machinery. This enables you to plan maintenance during scheduled downtime and avoid expensive breakdowns. Plus the opportunity to budget.

Our services includes:

  • Industrial and marine turbocharger repairs and maintenance
  • Balancing – dynamic, double plane, thermal, index
  • Non-destructive crack testing
  • Thickness testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Glass beads / garnet blasting (non damaging) for turbine blades etc
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NZ Marine Turbochargers Ltd is the Authorised Service Partner for New Zealand and the Pacific for MET/Mitsubishi Turbochargers, NAPIER Turbochargers, KBB Turbochargers and P-Max Air Filter Silencers.

We are very experienced in servicing all makes and models of turbochargers, including ABB, AIR RESEARCH, GARRETT, HISPANIC SUISSE, HOLSET, IHI, KKK, MITSUI, MITSUBISHI NIGATA, ROOTS BLOWERS and SCHWITZER.

Turbocharger Parts

Extensive experience has taught us the value of using high quality parts. Our spare parts supply lines and our Authorised Service Partner relationships enable us to specialise in supplying these spares at competitive prices. And all of NZ Marine Turbochargers’ parts and service are backed with a 12 month warranty.

Why you should use us:

* We are Lloyds ISO Accredited

* We are fully insured – including cover while working in American Territories

* We have the very best up to date factory-trained and qualified technicians

* We are a 24 -hour 7-day service provider

* We service and repair turbochargers and supply parts for both ships (merchant, navy, fishing fleets), power stations and industrial machinery

* We have full workshop/service station fcilities in New Zealand

* We can come immediately to your vessel or power station

* We are the only totally New Zealand owned turbocharger service/repair company