Small Frame Turbochargers

NZMT has extensive experience and capability with Small Frame Turbochargers.  Our trained staff have decades of experience with all makes and models of turbochargers.

We work with all turbocharger applications and our services include:

  • Marine Applications. Everything from a small turbocharged Inboard Diesel to Marine and industrial Power Generators. We have experience with Dry and Wet exhaust systems and their common effects.
  • Heavy Diesel On-Highway applications.
  • Off-Highway, Agricultural and Earthmoving. We have extensive experience with Garrett, Holset and BorgWarner Models as fit to most Earthmoving and Agricultural machines. Ask us about our services for Yellow engines!
  • Legacy and Superseded Turbochargers on vintage equipment. We can help rebuild your legacy model turbochargers from your Classic Yacht or your Vintage Machinery.
  • Retrofit and Upgrades. We have experience in retrofitting turbochargers to replace Legacy and Superseded models.

Why you should use NZMT?

  • We are ISO-9001:2015 Accredited

  • We have full insurance cover - including cover while working in American Territories

  • We have factory-trained and qualified technicians from ABB, MET, KBB, MAN

  • We service turbochargers and supply parts for both ships and power stations

  • We are an experienced & trustworthy company, established in the early 1980s

  • We offer 12 months or 2000hr or 20,000kms (whichever occurs first) warranty on parts and labours

  • We have vast experience in large frame turbochargers

  • We are passionate and flexible, offering tailored solutions to the customer to best suit their operational requirements.