MAN Turbocharger Parts

NZMT Turbochargers can supply you with all your turbo spares anywhere in the world. All our parts come with 12 months or 2000hr (whichever occurs first) warranty and are the same quality as OEM, but are a lot less expensive than OEM parts. We will respond to requests within 24 hours..

All NR, NA, TCR, TCA parts:

  • Complete turbochargers
  • Rotor assemblies
  • Nozzle & cover rings
  • Bearings
  • Casings
  • Service kits

The Turbocharger is the single component which contributes the most to the overall efficiency of an internal combustion engine. It serves to greatly improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. Conversely, the turbocharger is also the most sensitive engine component reacting to any adverse combustion or poor quality fuels. This critical and temperamental piece of machinery operates at high temperatures, high speeds and very high internal forces.

We all know that the biggest cost in running any diesel engine, whether ashore or at sea comes down to fuel, and with ever-increasing prices and increasingly strict emissions requirements it is vital that your turbocharger is performing with the best possible conditions.

With the increase of operating expenses and the increasing crush to provide cost effective solutions, its getting harder to find the finances and resources to provide effective maintenance .

NZMT offer high quality service parts to help reduce your maintenance costs and to help reduce your fuel costs.

OEM Names and their associated part numbers remain the Intellectual Property and Registered Marks of the OEM, their use here is merely to identify parts and is not to infer their acceptance, any association to connection with, or endorsement by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Use of these designations and part numbers does not infer any agreement or licensing between the OEM and the Supplier.

Why you should use NZMT?

  • We are ISO-9001:2015 Accredited

  • We have full insurance cover - including cover while working in American Territories

  • We have factory-trained and qualified technicians from ABB, MET, KBB, MAN

  • We are a 24-hour 7-day service provider

  • We service turbochargers and supply parts for both ships and power stations

  • We are an experienced & trustworthy company, established in the early 1980s

  • We offer 12 months or 2000hr (whichever occurs first) warranty on parts and labours

  • We have vast experience in large frame turbochargers

  • We are passionate and flexible, offering tailored solutions to the customer to best suit their operational requirements.